Celler Josep Ardévol

Celler Ardèvol was founded by Alber and Roser in 1995 near the town of Porrera, in Priorat. With a wine heritage that stretches back to the 13th century, they decided to create a small family winery that reflected this heritage. The ten hectares of vineyards are located on poor soil that are adequately exposed to the sun. The varietals selected have a very low yield and a high genetic quality. The methods of viticulture are based on organic practices. No herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers are used. Sulphur is the only fungicide applied. Cellar Ardèvol believes that all these aspects interact to elaborate the best equilibrium in the wine. Celler Ardèvol practices long macerations, gentle pressing and ages its wine in French oak barrels with light toasting and fine grain. All of this in order to create a wine evoking pure natural sensations, with no excess wood or toast flavors and other elements that would not complement the ageing of the wine. The family, originated in the town of Porrera already in the XIII century, were dedicated to our vines, long before the "Phylloxera" arrived to Priorat, by selling wine in bulk during the 30s and 40s. Subsequently, when the hazelnut was in demand, we abandoned the vineyards. In 1995 we started our new plantations together with Albert and Roser and decided to materialize our feelings for our land and roots involved in the wine by creating a small family winery.

Anjoli 2004 (750mL)
Made from a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Garnacha aged in French oak barrels (2-3 year old)
for six months. The grapes come from a south facing vineyard that is just 12 years old for this bottling. The initial impression is of a wine that has a clean personality with well proportioned aromas and flavors that are not dominated by heavy oak notes. Instead, it delivers a charming fruit character that at first expresses the aromas of Cabernet
Sauvignon, eventually the rest of the grapes start to present themselves with an alluring perfume mixed with blueberry, roses, on the palate it shows a good structure. This is a wine with integrity that has an overall “friendly” personality to it.

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