Catalunya, a community set apart by its language and culture and with its own pronounced personality, has always been a gateway to the rest of Spain. In the language of wine, Catalunya stands for a vocation for quality and an innovative spirit. Catalan wine counts its wine tradition in thousands of years, yet it also points the way to the future. The region's winemakers can justifiably boast of having always been at the vanguard of the country's wine production.

At the end of the last century, Catalunya imported Champagne techniques for the production of sparkling wines and today, firms large firms are selling tens of millions of bottles of cava all over the world.

Catalunya is made up of eight different areas: Penedes, Alella, Costers del Segre, Ampurdan-Costa Brava, Tarragona, Terra Alta, Priorato and Conca de Barbera as well as the omnipresent cava, sparkling wine made with the champagne method, making it a wine making region difficult to surpass.


Celler Josep Ardevol (Priorat)

Celler Cecilio (Priorat)

Celler Xavier Clua (Terra Alta)

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja (Conca de Barbera)

Mas Estela (Costa Brava)

Vinedos de Ithaca (Priorat)



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