Galicia, the mysterious Finisterre (end of the earth) where the Roman legions surrendered in terror, produces a large part of the best Spanish white wines: the Albarinos from the wine-growing region called Rias Baixas.
Luminous wines with beautiful green and gold reflections, they are aromatically very delicate, fresh and full of flavor. They are the perfect companion for lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams, bass, turbot, and a long list of other delicious foods which make Galicia a unique food experience.

The Atlantic climate is one of the pillars of the quality of the Albarino wines, but another major support are the properties of the variety itself, which is distantly related to the Central European Riesling introduced into the region by Cluny monks journeying on pilgrimages to the tomb of St. James along the Santiago Way.
The Albarinos of the Rias Baixas aren't the only quality wines to be found in Galicia. The Godello variety produces some unusually fine, delicate whites in the Valdeorras area, while some high category names are beginning to emerge in the Ribeiro area.

Adega Abertal (Rias Baixas)

Bodega Veiga Serantes (Rias Baixas)

Bodegas O Ventosela (Ribeiro)



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